Building a Technology Startup Ecosystem


What is Biztec Labs?

Biztec Labs is an experiment. A very calculated experiment. We've set off on a journey to grow a sustainable business ecosystem in the startup, marketing, and technology sector.

To do this we're using a formula that is rolled out in multiple phases. The idea is that each phase must achieve a specific set of goals that will allow it to finance and drive growth for the next phase.

The primary goals for each phase are basically to generate enough capital to finance the next phase and to build a network (people, companies, agencies, affiliates) that can effectively be utilized when the next phase launches.

Phases are organized by how much they can potentially earn, as in each phase can earn more than the previous phase. This is important because the cost to launch each phase is also more expensive than the phase before it. Phase 1.0 was chosen because it can essentially be started for free or near-free and has a high recurring revenue model.

Where did the Biztec Labs idea come from?

The idea for Biztec Labs came from the following question... 

"How would someone outside the US or Europe, with no money and no initial opportunity at getting access to startup funding be able to grow a genuinely profitable and global business?

The specific phased approach we've formulated attempts to answer that question. Once we succeed in any part of the overall formula, we can teach it to others. 

We're still learning as we go and the formula changes and adapts as we learn and as new technologies enable a more streamlined approach.

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Phase 1.0

Build a strong recurring income base

Productized B2B Services

1. It allows us to sell premium services to B2B companies at a fixed recurring monthly fee which ensures a stable income.

2. It allows us to finance a profitable marketing machine that can also be used internally to drive sales for our own companies. This marketing machine is the combined power of multiple B2B productized services.

3. It ensures we have that marketing machine ready to drive growth when we implement Phase 2.0 of our plan.


It allows us to build a partner network made up of marketing agencies and affiliates where both have the opportunity to earn an additional recurring income.

Agencies can sell our services as white-labeled solutions to their clients. Affiliates can earn high-ticket recurring commissions for work they do once.

Current Productized Services



Unlimited Graphic Design. On-demand Custom Graphic Design for a Fixed Monthly Fee. Why hire a $34k – $72k a year Graphic Designer? Hire the team at Kreativli instead. Starting at $349 monthly.

Venture Leads

Venture Leads

A Fully Managed ROI Guaranteed White Label B2B Marketing Campaign That Includes Custom Lead Research, Personalized Cold Email Outreach, Linkedin Outreach, Appointment Setting, Full Sales Funnel & Pipeline Management, plus KPI Dashboard.

Biztec Digital

Biztec Digital was around before Biztec Labs and it's not exactly a productized service but we include it here because the other productized services we now have were formulated out of campaigns we were running at Biztec Digital at the time. Biztec Digital is a full-stack US SME focused marketing agency.

Above Brand

Above Brand

Super Unique & Powerful. A Complete Web & Marketing Solution for your Brand at a Fixed Monthly Fee. Fully Managed. No Setup Fees. No Contracts. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

-- Wayne Dyer

Phase 2.0

Start a Software Development Company

Why a Software Company?

1. Starting a software company will allow us to develop our own ideas and launch them into the market. 

2. We can also provide companies with a complete software development service that will help them all the way from the concept stage to validation, development, management, and marketing.

Phase 3.0

Incubate & Accelerate Other People's Ideas

Unlock Human Potential

We want to invest in people and not just their ideas. We want to unlock human potential. At this stage, the plan would be to help founding teams or individuals with disruptive ideas to build out a functional business model by providing the business and legal advice, resources, contacts, and the initial capital they'll need to launch their solutions into the marketplace.

Accelerating Startups 

In exchange for a small equity percentage, a select cohort of startups will be given access to a funding round as well as a mentor network composed of startup executives, venture capitalists, industry experts, and other outside investors.

The goal with each of these startups would be to help them do in a few months what would usually take approximately two years to do.

All partners and mentors who advise these companies have a stake in their success thus ensuring that founding teams get the very best chance at being successful.

At the end of the acceleration period, successful graduates will be able to pitch their startups at a demo day attended by investors and media where they'll have the opportunity to take their companies forward.

Phase 4.0

Capital Investment Into Startups, Funds, & Syndicates

Venture Capital for Startups

In exchange for equity, we’ll use our capital fund to intelligently invest in startups with high growth potential.

Off course we'll stick to our goal of investing in startups that fall outside of the primary VC market as these startups currently have a very difficult time raising money which in a way makes them a relatively untapped market and yet their potential is the same as any startup in the US or Europe.

Clubs, Funds, & Syndicates

We are specifically referring to Investment Clubs, Funds, & Syndicates. Investing capital in these various financial instruments is a great way to increase investment income which in turn allows us to continuously increase our investments in early-stage companies everywhere.

"Where does it come from? This fear. This quest. This need to hide in a simpler past when the future cannot be avoided. It's coming and when it does everything will change."

-- Heroes Reborn

Phase 5.0

Research & Development in cutting-edge science & technology

The 4th Industrial Revolution

Into the unknown. Exponential technological progress in artificial intelligence, automation, renewable energy, robotics, bionics, biotech, nanotech, quantum technology, etc. is going to radically transform the world.

The fourth industrial revolution is going to change everything. We need to make sure average people are fairly represented. 

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