What is a Business Accelerator?

In our case, a Business Accelerator means a business support system that helps early-stage companies with high revenue potential to develop & accelerate their growth and success.

In exchange for equity, we provide access to capital investment, expert mentoring, systems, and resources. We also provide a growth team that will help with marketing, lead generation, conversion, retention, sales, and more.

What is an Early Stage Company?

1. Been in business for 1-3 years.

2. Developing and/or testing a product or service that’s not fully market ready.

3. Product or service is commercially available but limited and generating little to no revenue.

4. Still working on a go-to-market strategy, formalizing customer acquisition and retention models, and building out sales channels.

Recent Brands



Unlimited Graphic Design. On-demand Custom Graphic Design for a Fixed Monthly Fee. Why hire a $34k – $72k a year Graphic Designer? Hire the team at Kreativli instead. Starting at $349 monthly.

Venture Leads

If you sell to other businesses (B2B) you need an ROI positive way to start a conversation with the future and yet undiscovered clients. We help you find them. We help you get the conversation started. By the time you speak to them, they’ll want to speak to you.

B2B Sales Partner Network

B2B Money

B2B Money is a B2B Sales Partner Network for Resellers, Affiliates, JV partners, and Sales Reps. High-income potential. Recurring payments. Anyone welcome. Join the club, be part of our team, and let's help each other achieve.

Biztec Digital

Complexity simplified. Easily create Digital Marketing Campaigns by choosing from 15 campaign modules that target only the areas of your marketing that needs help. Campaigns are tracked, managed, and continuously optimized.

Above Brand

An Affordable All-Inclusive Website Solution for Small Business. We do it ALL for you. Website + Domain + Hosting + Email + Lead Capture System + SEO + Graphics + Security + Backups + Support + Management + Analytics. No contracts. Monthly payments.

Join our Accelerator Program

In 2020 Biztec Labs will be partnering with a few promising early-stage companies in order to help them accelerate to bigger and better levels of performance and profit.

Company founders will have access to capital, a top notch sales and marketing team, tools and resources, expert mentors, and advisers.

How does all this work?

Company founders will have to pass a qualification process. This helps us to focus on the companies and their founders that are best suited to the format we provide.

Companies that qualify will go through a three to six-month process where we help them formulate their growth model, help them gain initial traction, help boost their sales, provide hiring guidance, legal advice, and a lot more.



Events for Startups

Rapid Growth Summit 2020

Rapid Growth Summit will be a 3-day event held in South Africa where African and International speakers will cover various topics related to starting, funding, and rapidly growing your company.

Startup Mansion 2020

The idea with Startup Mansion is to bring together a group of startup passionate entrepreneurs and have them work and live together to build a new product and successfully take it to market.

These co-founders will have their collaborative startup journey documented on YouTube so that anyone can learn from their successes and failures.

Education & Community

B2B Growth Mastermind

A Mastermind Group. Secret and Exclusive. Join our B2B Growth Club. Interact, network, and learn from experts in marketing, sales, growth hacking, lead generation, etc. Access to powerful strategies you can implement yourself with a community to help when you get stuck.

Idea to Success Roadmap 1.0

An online course that helps you navigate the various stages you’ll need to deal with when taking an innovative idea and transforming it into a sustainable and profitable business.

Join a Collaborative Startup

Tell us a little about yourself, your idea or the business you want to enter and we’ll match you with the best people based on your criteria.

We’ll have some of our own ideas or early-stage companies partake in this process meaning you’ll be able to join one of our startups and work with us as an equity stakeholder in a new company.

We’ll also provide access to resources and advice for all collaborative startup teams. This will give your company the boost you need to get your journey off to a great start.

Win a Co-founder Position

A competition where we’ll take a market validated idea, create a company to take that idea to market, then hand this business over to a founding team that will be responsible for growing this company.

The winning founders will be carefully vetted and selected from qualifying competition entries. Winners are not chosen at random.

We’ll choose those we feel have the best chance to succeed together and grow a humble startup into a hugely successful brand. with whatever company we create.



Phase 1.0

Build a strong recurring income base

Productized B2B Services

1.) High quality Productized B2B Services provides real value to companies struggling with growth, sales, and marketing.

2.) Our B2B Productized Services are mostly high-ticket recurring services with very healthy margins.

3.) They’re easier to sell because the buyer sees exactly what they get when they buy, what they’ll pay for it, and the expected outcome or goal of the service they’re interested in.

4.) We can use these same services to grow our own companies.


To distribute what we create we partner with individuals and companies to build a global sales and partner network of Affiliates, Agency Resellers, JV Partners, Independent Sales Reps, and Brand Ambassadors.

Phase 2.0

Invest In Other People & Their Ideas

Investing in People

Ideas are not born in a vacuum. It’s people that give birth to ideas. It’s people who imagine innovative solutions to our current and future problems.

There is great value in investing in innovative thinkers as well as their ideas. In this way, we can develop people and not just products.

Investing in Ideas

Every world-changing idea that we know off started with a thought that developed into an idea. We are always looking for more of these ideas.

Connecting validated and high-potential ideas to a team, their expertise, and their resources generates the very great possibility that together we can make a difference in moving the world forward.

Phase 3.0

SaaS & Mobile App Development

SaaS (Web & Mobile)

A natural step forward would be to develop B2B sales and marketing automation software by simply turning some of our existing productized B2B sales and marketing services into software companies.

Our new B2B automation SaaS products will allow us to provide new and existing clients with a better result at a lower monthly price point. A lower price point will allow us to scale to a much larger user base.

App-Driven Improvement

Despite the millions of Apps out there we know there are many areas (industries, geographical regions, etc.) not yet serviced. We also know that there is room for better solutions to much of what is currently on offer.

We currently have multiple app ideas on the drawing board. These innovative mobile technology solutions will cover Business, Health, Security, & Finance.

Phase 4.0

Invest Capital Into Startups, Funds, & Syndicates

Venture Capital for Startups

We’ll use our own fund to intelligently invest in startups in need of seed or early-stage capital. Our investment strategy will focus on companies that have the greatest potential to impact the world in a positive way.

Clubs, Funds, & Syndicates

We are specifically referring to Investment Clubs, Funds, & Syndicates. In this way, we’ll be able to push forward the goal of helping as many companies as possible have a fighting chance in the marketplace.

Phase 5.0

Research & Development in cutting-edge science & technology

Research & Development

We envision separate and specifically focused research teams working together and collaborating on breakthrough developments in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Bionics, Biotech, Energy, Fintech, Nanotech, Quantum technology.

Investing in Ideas

The fourth-industrial revolution is here and it’s continuously accelerating scientific and technological advances in every area of our lives. Nothing will be left unchanged. We simply want to make sure the average person is equally represented.

Innovate.  Disrupt.  Empower.

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